Factory love

My love affair with busted factories began in 2005 in New York City…  well, actually, Beacon, NY.  My friends and I visited the Dia: Beacon on a Wednesday.  The only reason I know we visited on a Wednesday is because it was my day off from work and more importantly, the museum was closed. Lame.  We ended up walking around Beacon for a bit and came across a dilapadated factory.  It was beautiful.  The colors, the ice on the floors, the light illuminating the ice, the peeling paint and rust everywhere… this place was completely magical.  From that point on, I’ve been hooked on the beauty of these forgotten places.  They offer a kind of untold history of where and how things were made. Looking around the space that day made such an impression on me, I spent the next two years creating work based on the images I took in Beacon along with other factories I later photographed.

Fast forward to today and my love for these forgotten places continue to tug at my heartstrings.  When I moved to PDX, I didn’t realize how many old factories there are!  And there is actually a beautifully aged factory steps from where I live.  Naturally, I snapped the pics that I could and set to work on a collage.  The only downside is that I can’t really get up close and personal with this place the way I would like.  It is an unfortunate thing for me, but I’m still delighted by the sight of it.


PDX Factory I, mixed media, 9″x12″


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