Studio explorations

Lately, I have been compelled to have figures in my work (as imaged in previous posts).  For some, this is nothing unusual but, I’m more of a landscape and factories kind of gal.  You see, I’ve never really had an affinity to figural work (*gasp*) because I placed more value on what was happening with different environments in various lighting situations, sans people.  Lightplay in a beautiful space, whether it is outdoors or indoors, was (and still is) fascinating to me.  There’s just so many colors going on with morning, afternoon and dusk lighting that I have to stop and drink it all in before I can do anything else.  I can’t tell you how many times I pulled my car over to look at the mountains, or sunset, or moonrise so I could take in all the color… it was like I was trying to sear the image into my memory so I wouldn’t forget the shades and highlights of each color (I’ve since heard of an invention called a camera 🙂 ).  However, the act of collage has me ever more interested in putting figures in my work and the weird thing is that I like it!

I’m happy for these types of studio explorations and discoveries!

2014-11-12 12.27.01

Seafoam dream, mixed media, 8×8




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