The Collage Scrap Exchange

Sometime last year I found out about a collage scrap exchange through the good ol’ internets.  Papirmass and Brown Paper Bag decided to get together so the rest of the world can collaborate with each other and make some art.  Basically, participants signed up with Papirmass to enter the contest, then participants were paired up other participants so they could exchange their collage scraps with each other via snail mail. Then the participants were supposed to make a collage with their “new” scraps.  The theme assigned was “New Landscapes”, which really can be interpreted as just about anything.  Pretty cool, right?  I was super stoked and I signed up….  and may have convinced my mom to do it as well 😉 I was fortunate to have been paired up with a great partner who sent some really interesting and colorful collage scraps.

Unfortunately, I forgot about the contest until my mom reminded me about it the morning of the due date.  I finally set to work at 9:30pm – only two and a half hours before the deadline. With a short time frame on arranging a way to use my partner’s collage scraps and finding imagery to go with it, the below is what I came up with. This was definitely one of the most spontaneous pieces I made in a long time and, despite a mishap that may or may not have caused me a great deal of frustration, it was fun!

2015-03-15 23.38.10-2

The Answer, collage, 9″x12″

If you want to see more participant entries, visit Instagram and type in the hashtag, collage contest. If you want to see the best of the entries, visit the Papirmass blog to have your socks knocked off by imagination and creativity.



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