Do a little everyday to achieve more every year

There is a major theme happening in the majority articles and podcasts regarding creativity that I have found: develop healthy habits. And I don’t mean eating a bunch of vegetables everyday (although that is also something which can benefit your overall well being). What I am talking about is developing healthy habits that minimize the never-ending scrolling through social media, tv watching, or Netflix-ing or whatever is keeping you from achieving your goals (by the way, I am guilty of everything that I just listed – eep!).

Even though I have read and watched a lot of articles and YouTube videos discussing good habits and how to maintain them, I still had trouble sticking to them until I read How I Became a Morning Person, Read More Books, and Learned a Language in a Year . For months I have been trying to create good habits so I can break away from the black hole that is social media… and Netflix… and whatever else. This article breaks down how to really establish a habit and stick to it. The main take away from the article is that if you do something everyday for five or ten minutes (a small start), then you will likely develop a good habit. Further, if you associate the habit with a positive reward, then the chances of sticking to the habit are higher.

Even though I just read the article last week, I really wanted to share it with everybody because it is extremely valuable information and, imho, super helpful. Currently, I am working on learning Spanish, something that I have promised myself for years to do. But the prospect of learning a new language seemed so overwhelming… until I read the article (the article also recommends a couple of language learning apps). So far, I have practiced my Spanish everyday for a week, which is way more practice than I’ve had in more than a few years.

What are you waiting for?! Create and maintain a good habit that will get you closer to your goals and dreams by doing a little everyday so you can achieve more every year.


Just start somewhere!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to just getting started. One of my many finds regarding the creative process is the podcast How To Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black. Overall, it is just a really great podcast and I always thought Black to be hilarious from when I first saw him on The State. Black interviews actors, political activists, authors, playwrights etc. to have an in-depth, meaningful conversation about the creative process.

Recently, I listened to the Kevin Smith interview and it was such a goldmine of information regarding how he went from an aspiring SNL writer to a filmmaker. This episode resonated with me because it was such an intimate insight of how one tiny act of working toward a goal can lead to something you never could predict. If you don’t mind some profanity, then I urge you to have a listen.

No matter what season you are in with your creative pursuits, it is important to just start!

Happy making!

Here we go… again :)

Originally, I started this blog as a place to hold myself accountable for making a piece of art everyday or at least work on an art project everyday. Turns out blogging isn’t really ideal for that… at least for me.

What I really wanted to get out of this blog was not only getting back in the habit of creating again, but also, to find my artistic style. My creative path has been filled with a lot of stops and starts because of work or school or life or whatever.

The good news is that making art has become a consistent habit that I love and over the course of my blogging absence, I made quite a few pieces. The bad news is that I am still struggling to find my style. And it’s super frustrating! I feel like no matter how much I work – even when I was creating consistently many years ago – I can’t seem to find my… “Laura-ness”.

Throughout my blogging hibernation period I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts on entrepreneurship and creativity and self-help topics in order to gain insight into this very subject. What a lot of people say on this topic is to keep working and to keep “showing up” and put in the work. Which is great and I get that, but what I’m interested in is the process; that space in-between from making stuff to making stuff that has a voice.

So for now, I want to share some of the podcasts and blogs and other interesting tidbits I have found that speak to this very subject.

Happy making and I hope this helps you in your creative journey as well!