A Journey to Love Letters

Last August I was invited to exhibit at the Corvallis Art Center. At the time I received the invitation, I thought what better opportunity to gain confidence while at the same time learning more about, and refining my process. I began brainstorming ideas and started making pieces for the show. However, the more I explored my “why” and what I really wanted to express, the more I disliked my original idea and finally abandoned it.

Parallel to brainstorming, again, for the show, my Facebook feed had nothing but articles on the Syria crisis. I noticed that, really, none of my socially conscious friends were even acknowledging or talking about what was happening over there. It was devastating to read about how much violence and trauma these people were suffering and it began to weigh so heavily on my heart because nobody was talking about it or trying to do anything about it.

Finally, I tossed out my original idea, and I asked what resonated deeply within myself that I could no longer keep inside. *Poof* an idea popped in my head and I was off making. My exhibit entitled, Love Letters is my tribute to refugees all over the world and their undeniable strength they possess to forge a new path.

While I was sketching out ideas and putting things together, I found it difficult to make a show that expressed all my hope for them. Much of what I read in the news was conflicting with the imagery I wanted to put on paper. It was a tough balance to express the hope that resides in heart for them while acknowledging the violent realities they continue to live through. Not only that, but their humanity has been stripped away from them and are given many different labels that are… so disparaging and derogatory.

It’s my hope that with this exhibit I honor the people who seek sanctuary from violence by inspiring compassion in others.

In gratitude,




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