Getting Messy



Art work by Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd… isn’t she fabulous?! 

Last time I posted, I shared a podcast interview between The Jealous curator and Kiana Mosley and the importance of exploring to discover your style. This week I am sharing an interview between the creators of Get Messy: An Art Journal Challenge and art journalist, Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd. The reason why this interview is pretty great (and how it ties into the last post) is because Oliver-Lloyd says that if you are a beginner in art journaling, don’t worry about your style because that will come with time… and practice, of course. This rings so incredibly true for any creative endeavor you choose. Most importantly, when you begin, you probably already have a style, but you may not see it. Well, she said something along those lines, but you will just have to listen in on the conversation to find out.


Click here for this rich and fun conversation… cheers!


A few more from January’s #creativeUNblock project

Just sharing a some more Dianas that I’ve been working on for January’s #creativeUNblock project.


Shattered, mixed media, 6″x8″

And another:


Colonialism, mixed media, 6″x8″

And last one:


Floating, mixed media, 9″x12″

The #creativeUNblock project

If you know me at all, I talk about The Jealous Curator all the time.  If you don’t know her, please, do yourself a favor and visit her blog.  She wrote this awesome book called, Creative Block.  The book is filled with beautiful contemporary art and it’s just lovely.  What’s more is that JC interviewed the artists about their creative process and more importantly, how they work through blocks.  So, not only is the book filled with gorgeous art, it is filled with ideas on how to get yourself unstuck from a creative rut or block.  JC took it to the next level and she is choosing a creative unblock project from the book to do each month of this year.  Which brings me to my most recent works I’ve been…  working on:

January’s #creativeUNblock project was to find one image – any image – and copy it on card stock 50 times.  Then, find ways to alter that image 50 times.  I loved this project so much, it’s March and I’m still working on it.  And besides, I have not yet completed altering Diana (my chosen picture) 50 times.

Introducing Diana Vernon:


And here are the first few images I created:

2015-01-22 00.15.34

Who is Diana Vernon?

If you have Instagram, and are interested in doing these #creativeUNblock projects, type in the hashtag #creativeUNblock to see what the community is working on.  It’s great fun and an even better way to get yourself out of a creative block or rut.  Also, if you want to find out what this month’s unblock project is visit The Jealous Curator’s blog or her Facebook page.

More to come and happy making!