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Artwork by Kiana Mosley (the above work is filed under “Watercolor Botanicals” at kianamosley.com)

Ever wonder how the moments of breakthrough happen for artists who finally find their artistic voice? Me too. If I haven’t made it clear, I think about it ALL. THE. TIME. My head knows an artist just doesn’t wake up one morning and decides, hey, this is my style, I found it! My head knows it takes a lot of dedication, discipline, routine, and work to achieve one’s style. However, my heart secretly wants to believe that some magical revelation happens and KAPOW, the unique artistic voice and style arrives just like that. Perhaps the process is a mix of both. Seems like such was the case for Kiana Mosley. When I see a watercolor on Instagram or even in a store like West Elm, I know instantly if it was done by  the lovely Kiana Mosley. Her style is lyrical and vibrant and captures the essence of the botanicals she paints.

In a recent interview with The Jealous Curator, Mosley pinpoints the moment as to how and when she found her artistic voice. I found this episode of Art for Your Ear to be particularly helpful because in these instances of constant work and experimentation, your unique voice will shine through. Duh, right?! However, it is inspiring to hear these stories because it gives our minds permission to really open up to the process in order to bring out the essence of ourselves and express it through the work we make.

Have a listen and enjoy!